The Obligation of Unity and the Promised Punishment for the Crime of Disunity

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Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The kuffar stand united and the Muslims stand divided

The Europeans, the Hindus, the Jews are desperate for unity. There are about two dozen languages in Europe, but they have united under a single political entity called the EU. So, there exists no divisive wall to restrict their mobility, economy, education and migration. Most Europeans now stand as a single political, economic and military power and hence influence world politics. The EU is constantly increasing its boundary.Recently, Ukraine is in the process of integration in the EU.

About 1.2 billion Hindus have more than three dozens of languages and hundreds of ethnicities, but they stand united under a banner of one state called India. So they have become an economic, political and military power. India has become a civilisational state for the Hindus. The Jews of different parts of the world with different languages are also united in Israel. So they are a big power, too.

But the Muslims have taken a different path. They celebrate their division and  disunity as a mark of ethnic and linguistic pride. They don’t think about the security, honour and independence of the Muslim ummah. Disunity makes them weaker; hence about 1.5 billion Muslims look weaker than 65 millions British or French. The ongoing genocide and destruction in Gaza have indeed exposed their weakness on the world stage. They show their skill only in begging for peace from genocidal war criminals. Unless they learn how to live unitedly, they have no future. Failures, occupation and enslavement remain their only destiny. In fact, they are already in the midst of that.


 The Muslims are using the key for failures

Unity is the key to successes and disunity is the key to failures, defeats and slavery. History gives testimony to that. But the Muslims have taken the key for failure. So they are getting the most expected outcomes.

In five time prayers in a mosque, the people of different ranks, colours, countries and languages stand together. There remains no gap in between the mussalies. Even the head of the state and an ordinary citizen must stand shoulder to shoulder. Linguistic, ethnic and tribal differences must not cause any division in mosque prayers. Five-time salah thus gives a great training on the practice of unity and brotherhood. In the same way, Muslims must practise the same degree of unity and brotherhood in our political and social life. It is haram to be divided on the basis of language, geography and tribe.

Politics is more important ibadah than Salah. Salah indeed prepares people for the ultimate ibadah called jihad. Jihad is the only instrument to protect the dignity, security and lives of the Muslim ummah. Those who stay away from jihad are munafiq. No amount of prayers like salah can undo that Qur’anic entitlement. This is why Abdullah bin Ubai and his 300 followers couldn’t be Muslim despite their prayer behind the Prophet (peace be upon him). The Prophet (peace be upon him) was the Head of the State for 10 years. It’s his greatest sunnah that helped Muslims to emerge as the number one World Power. More than half of the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) sacrificed their lives to show their allegiance to this greatest ibadah of jihad.

Politics means state building, art of unifying people, delivering justice as per sharia, framing and implementing policies and defending lives and security of every Muslim. No amount of five-time salah, fasting, hajj, charity and other ibada do that job. So political ibadah is crucial. It is the most important subject in Muslims’ life. If Muslims fail in political ibadah (jihad) unitedly, they only meet defeat and enslavement by the enemies -as they are facing now. In fact, today’s Muslims have awfully failed in political ibadah. So they failed to protect the big Muslim states like Usmania Khelafa and the united Pakistan -the great creations of the better Muslims of the past. These two states could be the civilisational states of the ummah.

Muslims now stand divided in more than 50 states – the most harmful innovation (bidah) in Muslim history. Despite the same religion, same language and same ethnicity, 350 million Arabs are divided into 22 states. Some foolish Arabs take pride that they could create 22 Arab states. They fail to understand that such creation was the job of the enemies. The enemies of Islam are ever ready to fight any war to disintegrate any big Muslim country. This is the key strategy of the enemies to keep Muslim weak and defenceless. This is why Usmania Khelafa and Pakistan were the main target of the kuffars. So the leaders of the Arab states didn’t need to fight any war to create these artificial Arab states. The necessary war was fought by the British. Secularists, nationalists, tribalists and racists of the Muslim lands worked as partners of the enemies. More than a million Arabs fought in the kuffar British Army against the Army of the Usmania Khelafa. Likewise, the Bengali cessationists didn’t need to liberate a district or sub-district from Pakistan in their eight and half months’ war, the Indian Army did the job to dismember Pakistan on their own in two weeks. The Bengali nationalists are only to celebrate the destruction of Pakistan and the birth of Bangladesh under the Indian radder.

The division of the Muslim World is indeed the ugliest testimony of Muslims’ failure and grotesque deviation from siratal mustaqeem. It is a shame that the leaders and people of these states celebrate the creation of this divided map of the Muslim World. Such celebration can please only Shaitan and its cronies and bring wrath from Allah SWT. Because of such division, Muslims have become mere watchers of deaths and destruction in Gaza and other Muslim lands. They advise only for dowa. But one must know that dowa is not a substitute for Jihad  and unity.


The only option

It is a pity that the Muslim religious scholars don’t talk about the real cause of the Muslims’ failure. They don’t talk about the need for unity. Since the social and the political sciences are not taught in religious madrasas, they are not equipped with the necessary knowledge to address the issue. Because of ignorance, they also celebrate the division and eulogise those icons responsible for the division of the ummah. Whereas, nothing is more important than dismantling the divisive walls that are raised in the name of national, tribal and linguistic identities. The kuffar could already dismantle those divisive walls. Why the Muslims can’t do that? In fact, dismantling such divisive walls and identities was a great sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him). As a result, the Muslims of Arab, Iranian, Turkish, Kurdish, Moorish, Afghan and African origins could work togather and raise a great civilizational state. But such prophetic sunnah no longer survives in the Muslim World.

Muslims have only two options: either to dismantle the divisive walls and get quickly united; or to continue with the current level of disunity, defeat, decadence and disgrace. There is no third option. The current division is surviving only in the interest of the Kuffar enemies and their native tyrant stooges. Every Muslim has a duty. It is not a time to stay silent or inactive. Such silence and inaction are indeed the betrayal of the obligatory duty. So it is a crime. If not united, Muslims have no hope apart from meeting the same fate of Gaza. All Muslims are in the queue. Pakistan can be another Kashmir and Bangladesh can be another Gaza. The UN can hold only meetings, but will do nothing. No state will come to help the suicidal Muslims.


The Divine obligation and the saviour

For the kuffar, unity is not an obligation. But they stand united. So they win and rule the world. Allah SWT loves unity and detests disunity. The Almighty gives victory even to the kuffar if they stand united and punish Muslims if they are divided. This is indeed the sunnah of Allah SWT. And He never stays away from His sunnah.

For Muslims, unity is a Divine obligation. Every failure in fulfilling such an obligation brings promised punishment. Such a great punishment is promised in sura Al-Imran, verse 105 -if Muslims stay divided. Awfully Muslims have already qualified for such a punishment long ago. Now the punishment has started landing on Muslim lands. Even the devils are used as instruments to punish the failed Muslims. So the Hindus of India could punish and humiliate Pakistanis in 1971. Now the Israelis and the USA are punishing the failing Arabs. Millions of Arab Muslims now stand homeless and helpless. They are taking refuge in foreign lands. Despite the huge amount of wealth in the Arab World, people are dying of hunger in Gaza. Despite the huge amount of oil and gas, people in Gaza live in darkness. What a shame!

No amount of prayers can undo the earned punishment. Prayer cum supplication is no substitute for unity. Only unity can substitute unity. It is one of the most indispensable parts of siratul mustaqeem that a Muslim can never ignore. It is indeed the most important saviour to rescue from the current quagmire. 16/12/2023

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