Ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Gaza

US-European Conspiracy to create Greater Israel

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By Latheef  Farook 

United States  and European backed Israeli genocide and destruction in Gaza is the  continuation of the  conspiracy  to  ethnic cleanse   Palestinians  in Gaza    to create Greater Israel to ensure  Middle East remains in turmoil . 

They are adopting the very  same  1948  tactics adopted   to ethnic cleanse Palestinians from their lands to establish in its place Zionist Jewish  settler colonial  state of Israel. They achieved  this by means of  lies, deception, bribery, blackmail,massacres and genocides  in violation of all accepted  human values, decency and moral values. 

 Zionist Jews  have nothing to do with Judaism although they  exploited  religion to  achieve  their agenda.Instead they are a politically oriented fascists as  proved  by their crimes  during the past 75 years. British Imperial power  which  was the mandatory authority on Palestine in the aftermath of World War 1 decided to plant this alien entity in Palestine to keep the  Middle East in turmoil  

Britain and France which brought Middle East under their power in the aftermath of the defeat of the Ottoman Empire  during World War 1 divided the region into states and installed their stooges in power . British imperial power and the Zionist Jews have got together   to kick out Palestinians from their   lands to  set up     state of Israel  in Palestinian lands.  

British mandatory authority trained Jewish terror gangs such as Stern ,Hagana and Zvai Leumi, led by Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir  who both later became Prime Ministers of Israel.  Menachem Begin, godfather of terrorism, was even awarded coveted Nobel prize. 

They committed genocides to drive out Palestinians from lands. Their first  genocide  was in the village of Deir Yassin-  a few miles off Jerusalem. Menachem Begin went on a murderous rampage and   butchered 254 innocent Palestinian men, women and children  .

Unarmed Palestinians, unaware of the British and Zionist Jewish conspiracies, resisted.

However the British mandatory authority   supported  Jewish terrorists  .  Since then Jewish terror gangs massacred   many Palestinians villages forcing Palestinians to flee     to settle down as refugees elsewhere . Some of those Palestinians now being   slaughtered  by Israel in Gaza were  the descendants of Palestinian fled for their lives. 

Once sufficient Jews were brought in and settled on Palestinian lands, US.British   and European powers blackmailed United Nations and partitioned Palestine   on November 29,1947  to create the state of Israel. In the proposed Jewish state too the Arabs had a majority as , of    the total population of 1,008,900 the Arab-Jew ratio was 509,780 to 499,020.  

The United Nations itself violated its principles and lost its credibility when its resolution provided Palestinian lands to Israelis who have not even seen this land. 

 Since then Israel, together with their US European partners, turned the Middle East into a killing field with its repeated massacres and invasions 

In 1956 Israel  together   with Britain and France invaded Egypt after late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized Egypt’s Suez Cana . Twelve years later in 1967 Israel ,backed by US and Europe, invaded and captured Sinai and Gaza from Egypt,  South Lebanon, West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan and Golan Heights from Syria. 

Since then Arab front remained crippled and Israel  was law unto itself  until Palestinian freedom fighters Hamas attacked Israel on  October 7 and killed Israelis and captured Israelis whom they now use as bargaining chip. 

In 1981 Israel invaded  South Lebanon and   and  slaughtered thousands of Palestinians  with the support of US.UK and European powers .  Vivid details of Israel’s barbarity   in South Lebanon was explained in detail in many books including the one by  British Journalist Christopher Dobson titled God Cried. 

After numerous so called  peace overtures  Israel signed Oslo Agreement with Palestinians on the White House lawn on 13 September 1993 . A core issue of the Oslo Accords was the withdrawal of the Israeli military from Palestinian territories. The plan was a withdrawal in phases and a simultaneous transfer of responsibilities to the Palestinian authorities for maintaining security.

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