West and its allies “civilised”or barbaric?

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By Dr. Javed Jamil

For West and Israel, any violence perpetrated against them is Terrorism, worthy of highest condemnation and “evil”. But a hugely bigger violence committed by them is only “Rightful Reprisal” or “Collateral Damage”.

Even according to Jewish Virtual Library website report, since the beginning of Israel-Plaestinain conflict till 2021, around 24 thousand Israelis/Jews and around 94000 Arabs/Palestinians have been killed. Other sources indicate much higher differences. This is despite the fact that it is Jews who captured Plaestinain lands with the help of America, Britain, France and Germany. Today, even Indian Media and Indian Government are calling Hamas terrorists instead of freedom fighters. Even if their latest attacks are accepted as inhuman, this was in response to much larger inhuman acts being incessantly perpetrated against them for more than 70 years. I believe that every death of an innocent should be condemned but let us condemn every side as many times as many innocents it has killed.

Now, coming to West. West led by America claims itself to be the “Civilised World” just because they have attained superiority in technology and military power, and through these they have been trying to dominate the whole world. But the truth is that they have used their developments, money power and political power in bringing death and destruction everywhere. They were the major killers in the two world wars. When 9/11 occurred, within no time, they described it as an act of terror by Al-Qaeda. The men who actually carried out the act, whoever they were, perished with the planes. The man who was declared responsible for this was killed in an isolated attack 11 years later in Pakistan. In the meantime, America killed more than 70000 people in Afghanistan and more than 1 million people in Iraq. Another 2 million are said to have perished as the after effects of the long war. All these were innocent people, and Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11. Even the claims about Iraq’s nuclear plans were proved wrong. But still, America and its allies would continue to be “civilised”. The 5 superpowers have been responsible for the overwhelming majority of the deaths in wars in the last 120 years. But still they are “Peace-Loving:

Not only outside, Western countries are full of violence inside too. They are among the top countries in terms of murderous assaults, rapes, suicides and abortions by choice. The family system is totally broken, and more than half children are born out of weedlock with most children living in single parent families. This is despite their advancement in science and technology and health infrastructure and the so-called advanced legal system. Even in Covid Pandemic, America suffered most casualties, more than 1 million deaths. What a civilisation? Now, barbaric is technically called “civilised”. The “Civilised” world is interested more in the growth of its economy and miltary power than in saving the lives of the people.

And there is hardly any evidence that their behaviour will change in near future, unless some divine powers intervenes. What will ultimately happen to Israel-Palestine conflict is still hard to predict. We can only hope, villains realize their follies and the peace returns to all.


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