Jordan: Massive demonstration to support Palestine resistance

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Thousands of Jordanians gather during a demonstration in solidarity with Palestinians in Amman, Jordan. [Laith Al-jnaidi – Anadolu Agency]

Thousands of Jordanians participated in a massive demonstration organised following Friday prayer in Amman in support of the Palestinian resistance, Quds Press reported.

Many political, factional and social bodies participated in the demonstration organised to mark the victory of the Palestinian resistance in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin and its refugee camp.

The participants chanted to support Jenin: “Jenin, the stronghold of Lions… Jenin has the stubborn fighters… Jenin does not bow to the occupation.”

In addition, the participants expressed their joy and happiness with the victory the Palestinian resistance achieved against the Israeli occupation forces.

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At the same time, the demonstrators expressed their support for the Palestinian resistance in other cities, including Nablus, which has been under Israeli occupation attacks on the same scale as Jenin.

Senior Islamic Movement leader in Jordan Mohammad Iqtishat expressed: “The Palestinian cause is passing through dangerous and decisive moments as the Zionist enemy is increasing Judaisation, settlement building, uprooting trees and deporting Palestinians.”

Iqtishat stated that all the Palestinians and their holy sites “are facing fierce Israeli attacks” and the only side defending them is “the brigades of the Palestinian resistance.”

Iqtishat called for the Arab and Muslim nations to stand up for their responsibilities in supporting Palestinians in their: “Fateful battle through which the Israeli occupation is planning to wipe out the refugee camp of Jenin.”

He concluded: “Why does the world stay silent about Israeli crimes against the Palestinians? When will the world, Muslims and Arabs take action and stop the Zionist Israeli attacks?

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