Part -2 of BBC documentary: The Modi Question

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Below is Part -2 of BBC documentary: The Modi Question.

Before that, please watch the discussion and analysis of the video by one of India’s eminent journalists, the former Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu Newspaper, Mr. N.Ram. The interviewer  Mr.Karan Thapar himself is also from a very prominent family of India, and a relative of the foremost historian, Mrs. Romila Thapar (who is respected internationally).

If anyone thought all Indians are like Modi, the answer is not at all – there are many gems, and some are speaking up!
There are also  organizations like “Hindus for Human Rights” etc.
Here is the video of the interview by Karan Thapar of N.Ram: 
And, here is Part-2 of The Modi Question. 
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Disclaimer: Part -2 of BBC documentary: The Modi Question - Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not necessarily reflect point-of-view

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