Fake union of India | By Sehrish Khan

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INDIA is a home to believers of different faiths and religions. This led to violation of Indian constitution’s provisions severely causing a compromised constitution, legal framework of India, Judicial setup, governance and administrative approach towards Indian subjects.

This made Indian societies in non-coherent mass of people interacting with each other on extremes. Though, the Hindus are almost 45% of India but they take themselves as having the only right to rule India.

The extremist BJP propagating the philosophy of Hindutva towards Hindustan for Hindus only caused a severe rift between Hindus and the Muslims being ex-rulers of Hindustan from 1206-1857 continuously. Constitution of India envisages being a secular state.

The successors of fascist RSS in the shape of present-day ruling BJP party under the guiding inhuman principles of Hindutva has caused an inhuman scenario for 55% non-Hindu population of India and mainly 22% Muslim population of India by setting an agenda.

Hindutva ideology has been dominant since Nerandra Modi came to power, his second term particularly. The ideology believes within the inverted version of the traditional followers of Hindu Religion.

The World Health Organization, or their ancestors, had adopted foreign religions like Islam and Christianity. However, Savarkar regarded Muslims as the real enemy, as Islamic ideology was apparently a threat to the Hindu nation.

Today, Islam and Muslims are perceived as an obstacle against the aspirations of the Hindu so much right. This describes the very fact that Indians claim to be the biggest democracy within the world which their policies are controlled by Hindu extremist factions like RSS and BJP.

Proponents of this ideology believe that the nice India unified below Hindutva and under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi would cause greatness, represented within the stories of the religious writing, which are with pride and persistently projected by the Indian media.

A glimpse of this can be seen in the statement of Naseer-ud-Din Shah, a well-known Indian official that “Muslims are being made second class citizens in India.

According to it, those who are talking about the genocide of Muslims in India are actually trying to start a civil war in the country.

“No action has been taken against them at the state or governmental level. The concerns expressed by Naseer-ud-Din Shah are not merely a romantic aspect or merely his opinion but are based on the practical action of Indian extremist elements.

Fasting is a reaction to the genocidal speeches of Muslims in religious gatherings. In this gathering, appointments were made based on poisonous anti-Muslim sentiments and threats of massacre of Muslims were made.

At the same gathering, Hindu extremists were also asked to buy arms and be ready for armed struggle. If they do not have weapons, then buy swords so that Muslims can be accommodated. They are also being stopped and their business is being harmed.

There have also been threats that if any minority is to stay in India, it will have to accept the supremacy of Hindutva.

More than 100 people, including five former chiefs of the Indian Armed Forces, senior government officials and other prominent citizens, were sent to President Ram Nath Kavand and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on issues of growing extremism and segregation with minorities in India.

It is a letter in which various events, among which the recent events in Haridwar and Delhi are particularly noteworthy has warned that if this trend is not curbed, India’s very existence as a united nation may come to an end.

According to them, Christians, Dalits and Sikhs, including Muslims, are being targeted under a special plan, which could lead to unrest.

Similarly, according to the Hindu extremist class, “India will be made a Hindu state, even if it means fighting and killing. These former military officers include former Chief of Staff Admiral Lakshmi Narain Das, former Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat, and former Admiral Arun Prakash.

Among others are former Admiral RK Dhawan, former Air Chief Marshal SP Tyagi and Lieutenant General (retd) Vijay Oberoi.

The letter has also been sent to the President and the Prime Minister, the Vice President, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha and the leadership of various political parties. According to him, the court will have to intervene in the matter as there is no police action. The news highlights the seriousness of India’s internal crisis.

Similarly, in a joint letter, 28 members of the British Parliament have expressed concern over the grave human rights violations in occupied Jammu and Kashmir and demanded a response from the Indian High Commission in London.

The international media and many international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the European Union, have issued numerous reports on human rights violations in India-occupied Kashmir.

Dominant, when India killed the sovereignty of Occupied Kashmir on 5th August 2019 and abolished Articles 370 and 35-A and abolished the special status of Kashmir under which Kashmiris have their own constitution, separate flag and a separate point in all legal and constitutional matters.

There was complete freedom of observation, at least constitutionally, but this freedom was taken away after the removal of these articles.

The most important aspect is that what the extremist Hindu elements are doing to the minorities in India is not being addressed at the state or governmental level which can bring these extremists to justice.

There is also evidence that what the extremist Hindu class is doing has some form of state and governmental patronage.

There is a lot of concern in the international organizations that work. Especially in the Indian media, there is hatred towards minorities, which has made minorities practically insecure in India.

Although there are voices in India challenging the Modi government’s extremism, they are not well received in the media nor are their statements being protected at the state and governmental levels.

The whole situation is urging the world powers, human rights organizations and political parties as well as civil society and media to break their silence on all these issues and present a strong statement in the context of protection of minorities in India.

Voices are rising at the individual level, but these individual voices need to be transformed into collective voices.

In particular, India’s civil society and other social classes, including artists, actors, poets, writers, journalists and intellectuals, the peaceful leadership of all religions must come out and increase the pressure on the Modi government. The state has to take action against them indiscriminately. The world should also put pressure on India’s current leadership.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Rawalpindi.

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