CPI (M) questions PMs deafening silence over the communal incidents during Ram Navami

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Thousands of armed Hindutva extremists threaten Muslims at a mosque in Sarangpur, Madhya Pradesh.

New Delhi:  Questioning the ‘enigmatic  silence’ of Prime Minister Narendra Modi  over the communal violence that erupted during Ram Navami processions in BJP-ruled states, the Communist Party of India (Marxist)  on Tuesday strongly  demanded harsh punishment for those who committed  acts of violence against the members of minority community. The CPI (M) also criticised the RSS’s use of religious festivals to promote communal politics.

The party said the communal violence during processions on the occasion of Ram Navami in several states in India –Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Jharkhand etc.− are a matter of deep concern.

Referring to reports, the largest constituent of the Left Front said that there was a pattern in the areas where these incidents have occurred with aggressive armed processions using the occasion to shout the most provocative slogans while passing through minority inhabited colonies leading to altercations followed by stone pelting.

It pointed out the BJP leader Kapil Mishra’s presence in Madhya Pradesh town Khargone which experienced the worst violence.

“In the first such incident which occurred in Khargone it is no coincidence that BJP leader Kapil Mishra, the serial offender of hate toxic speeches such as those he had made prior to the communal violence in the capital, was present in the area”.

There have been highly objectionable incidents such as in Bihar where a saffron flag has been planted on a mosque in the presence of the police. In Delhi on the JNU campus, the sangh parivar affiliated ABVP in the name of Ram Navami attacked mess workers in a hostel canteen to prevent them from serving non-vegetarian food and then attacked students who came to their rescue.

The CPI (M) also criticised the Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Bihar governments for giving permission to procession to pass through Muslim-dominated localities.

“The role of administrations in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Bihar are highly suspect as they gave permission for such processions to pass through minority areas without adequate preparations.  In addition, in Madhya Pradesh without the due process of law, property of those accused of being “rioters” almost all of them from the minority community have been demolished.”

It also questioned the Prime Minister’s deafening silence on these incidents.

“This is nothing but bulldozing the law and the Constitution of India. The deafening silence of the Prime Minister even though such incidents have occurred in seven states adds to the concern that these events have the patronage of those in power”.

The party also appeals to all sections of people to maintain peace and foil the objective of those who wish to divide people in the name of religion. It calls on its units to work for maintaining peace and harmony through appropriate activities.

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