Pro Gunaratne’s hostility towards Muslims

Represents US-European ,Israeli and Indian anti-Muslim agenda

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By Latheef Farook

Professor Rohan Gunaratne, self declared authority on terrorism who  remains blind to   global US-European- Israeli -Hindutva terrorism  against Muslims, made a mockery of himself when he  warned of  ANOTHER  Easter Sunday type attack unless there is  a programme to rehabilitate those who are linked to the Easter Sunday terror attacks of 2019.  

He made this observation while launching his book titled ‘Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday Massacre: Lessons for the International Community, on Friday (28) at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) in Colombo.

He also stated that there is  ”No political conspiracy behind Easter Sunday attacks” and he expects  enlightened Sri Lankans to believe him.

It is common knowledge  that the  vicious media campaign  associating Islam  with violence and the violence unleashed against the peace loving  Muslim community  was   politically motivated.  The mere fact that the racist elements who openly involved in the   persecution of  Muslims in the aftermath of the defeat of LTTE in May 2009  remained scot free speak for the official patronage.

If prof Gunaratne lives in the same planet where we live in, he  should know that the island’s Muslim community has nothing to do with Easter Sunday massacre which was  meticulously  planned , executed  and exploited  by racist elements to frighten Sinhalese and  establish the Sinhala supremacist government .

This crime was committed by handful of  so called Muslim individuals who, according to REPORTS IN THE  local media, was in the pay roll of STATE AGENCIES. 

Sick  of persecution during former President Mahinda Rajapakse’s government , Muslims  voted for Maithri -Ranil government during the 2015 presidential elections only to realize  that they WERE  no better as  violence continued with greater intensity .

Just to refresh Prof Gunaratne about the atrocities perpetrated on innocent Muslim community I would like highlight that;’

Easter Sunday massacre   could have been averted if former President Sirisena had acted promptly when the  authorities were informed of the attack by  numerous  sources as stated in the local media. Former President Sirisena was aware that the Muslim community had nothing to do with this massacre. 

Yet he deployed forces to search Muslim owned properties from mosques, houses,   business establishments and other places. Muslim men and women were taken to custody on ridiculous allegations and produced before courts after keeping in custody. The government EVEN ordered mosques to submit copies of sermons given within their premises.  

Every Muslim man, woman and even children, were treated with suspicion, hatred and bitterness almost everywhere. So called search operations  became nightmare for innocent Muslim families who remained petrified. Not only hospital security but even shops and super markets forced Muslim women to remove traditional shawls.

The community resisted security forces WITH THEIR BOOTS ON   entering Mosques and houses ALONG WITH  dogs. To Muslims worldwide there is nothing more sacred than the holy Quran.   Muslims always read the Quran with ablution.Thus simply tearing copies of Holy Quran and anything and everything written in Arabic was deliberate  provocations.

For three long weeks after the carnage Muslim houses and business establishments were emptied of their even kitchen knives under search operations using emergency regulations. 

Organized racist thugs began setting fire to houses, mosques, business establishments, factories and other such places aimed at crippling Muslim economy during curfew hours. This was done under the watchful eyes and the cooperation of security forces.

During the Holy Month of Ramadan  fasting Muslims were forced to flee to nearby jungles and paddy fields to protect themselves.  

M.S. Fouzul Ameen 49, a well-to-do furniture shop owner from Kottaramulla in Nattandiya was at home with his family to end the daily fast  when a group of about five men had turned on him and slashed him with a sword. When Fouzul lying on the ground  the mob poured turpentine on  his face and left .

 His 16-year-old son Ajmir was too upset to talk.

There were organized attacks on Muslim at  Kurunegala, Hettipola and numerous other places. The government was aware of these attacks  but did nothing to prevent.  

Under such frightening atmosphere Mr Sirisena left to China to attend an insignificant conference leaving Muslims at the mercy of organized murderous thugs  .

As he left the country attacks began on Monday 13 May. Mob of around 500  with iron rods, swords and other such items began their killing and burning spree under the watchful eyes of the police and the army which became irrelevant. Mob burnt houses, shops , business establishments and mosques .They burnt and destroyed around 500 units in around 30 Muslim villages.

Fasting Muslim women grabbing their children ran to Sinhalese neighbors for safety. Some accommodated and even provided food while others chased them out. Sinhala three wheel drivers refused to take a severely beaten and battered Muslim, dragged on the street, to hospital. In the process he died.  

This was the plight of Muslims in almost around 30 villages which were  burnt down .Multi million rupee businessmen were made paupers overnight, thanks to  Sirisena’s FAILURE  to prevent these senseless  attacks .  

On return to the island from China there was no word from Mr Sirisena. Instead  he visited  Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera at his prison cell, released him under presidential pardon and  entertained  him with his mother.

“Life has become a nightmare  for Muslims in their  day to day  life. Harassment, discrimination and a well-orchestrated hate campaign has  taken shape in the public domain, demonizing, alienating and fostering a besieged mentality towards Muslims. Racism has found a new meaning in Sri Lanka. And everything Muslims are being targeted. There was total harassment of Muslims in public places, buses ,trains, taxis and even in work places

Media, as integral part of this conspiracy, undertook a fierce campaign  poisoning innocent Sinhalese minds against Muslims.  

If we are to go by  Dr. Rajan Hoole’s book “Sri Lanka’s Easter Tragedy-WHEN THE DEEP STATE GETS OUT OF ITS DEPTH” the ultimate target is to demonize and deprive Muslims of their citizenship rights and turn them into stateless people as the government did  in 1948 to estate workers of Indian origin in Sri Lanka. 

 Government spokesman Rajitha Senaratne told reporters that there had been “several warnings from foreign intelligence agencies about the impending attacks”.Now the question is what is the use of special investigation panel and investigations after the damage was done and innocent lives were lost.

The irony is that Professor Gunaratne still  blames the victims,Muslims, and not the criminals who perpetrators crimes against Muslims.This is the  reason why  many  suspect him as a person representing the viciously  US-European,Israeli  anti Muslim forces which turned many Muslim countries into killing fields and driven millions of Muslims into refugees suffering in appalling  conditions. 

His  agenda has all the potentials to once again  tear apart this paradise island, Sri Lanka ,  once a shining example for the  third world  for political stability and economic progress, and now a bankrupt country  where people of all walks of life are suffering  for no fault of their own. The need of the hour is communal harmony to rebuild the collapsing country.Under such  circumstance Prof Gunaratne’s policy of provoking Sinhalese against Muslims  will be disaster of himalayan proportion.

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Disclaimer: Pro Gunaratne’s hostility towards Muslims

Represents US-European ,Israeli and Indian anti-Muslim agenda - Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not necessarily reflect point-of-view

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