Is it for the Freedom of Iranian women or the CIA’s covert plot for Regime change?

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MEK terrorist organizations, and CIA funding Masoumeh Alinejad-Ghomi fueling riots in Iran.

Biden said: “we stand with brave citizens and brave women of Iran.” .” I also stand with any injustice that is committed no matter where it is and be it police brutality or racism here in U.S.

However, one needs to look at Israel, India and France to see the hypocrisy of all this.

US Agency for Global Media and CIA operatives like Alinejad have been paid over $628,000 to incite violence and spread propaganda with hundreds of fake social media accounts with hashtags like #MahsaWas Murdered.

These tweets gain momentum and riots were immediately stirred up by CIA and Zionist operatives including the MEK group which was a terrorist group listed by the State Department until being delisted in 2014.

However, the true facts are that the girl has had numerous medical issues like open brain surgery, and heart surgery.

There was no escalation of the dispute, and the picture shows the young woman bends and falling over the chair. She immediately went into a coma and died two days later. Read the below article:

The U.S and western Zionist media have failed to produce any evidence to the contrary. On September 16, the day the young woman was announced dead, Alinejad launched a hashtag:

“#MahsaWasMurdered by the Islamic Republic’s hijab police in Iran.”

Hijab is a morality and modesty issue that was democratically voted and legitimized law, just like abortion is illegal now in the USA in spite of seventy-six percent do not approve.

The Western nation and Zionist media have some sort of mental illness of hypocrisy when it comes to the freedom of women. Where is freedom of choice in France?

In France, the government is fixated on changing the way Muslim women dress. Muslim women can go to jail in France for wearing Hijab at School or on beaches.

It is blatant hypocrisy to promote women’s rights, while simultaneously restricting the rights of Muslims to wear what they choose.

The US and the Europeans do not want to set Muslim women free or promote women’s rights. They want to undress them because the purpose is not, never was, and never will be the emancipation of women, but only control of their bodies.

The event in Iran has never been about the morality, chastity, or freedom of women, but rather about regime change, demonizing Islam, Muslim domination, and Islamophobia.

The U.S chooses and picks issues that suit its own Zionist agenda and interest, so let’s all be politically savvy before we jump on the bandwagon of false narratives.

Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has been under sanctions for 43 years and nine months since the first day of the revolution. The U.S cannot stand any strong independent country in the region.

The U.S has not recovered from the shock of the fall of the Shah and the success of the Islamic Revolution which was not spearheaded by a military general but Ayatollah with no knowledge of wars or battles.

Western countries have used any and all tools such as coups, wars, sanctions, extrajudicial assassinations, and social-cultural attacks to destroy IRI from outside and inside.

Regime change has always been the infectious disease of the western power, especially the USA. This battle of the Hijab is a false narrative by the western Zionist media against IRI.

The real cause is a regime change because US and Zionists cannot withstand an independent nation with nuclear capabilities, and fighting for the rights of Palestinians.

Do you really think that U.S. and European countries care about Iranian women?

Spare me the notion that they care about Iranian women. Their only goal is to destabilize Iran, and the Middle East to cause havoc and sectarian conflicts like in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

In the last 40 years, U.S. and Europeans have invaded four countries, and supported monarchies and dictators who have killed, imprisoned, gassed, and poisoned their own people.

The U.S. has killed millions, made millions of children orphans, made millions of widows, and destroyed millions of houses in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen. Do they really care for Iranian Women?

Spare me this rhetoric, and do not join this false propaganda. There is no genuineness nor an ounce of honesty on the part of the U.S and western media.

Go ahead and fight in Ukraine spending billions of tax dollars against Russia and staying out of the Middle East and Muslim lands. Your only goal is to steal oil.

If one looks at the op-ed column of the Western media, they accurately say that this is “The Battle of Hijab is the Battle of regime change”, it has nothing to do with religiosity nor the freedom of women.

Let’s not be pawns in this false Zionist propaganda, let’s do our homework by reading the history and true facts. This is a chess game going on since the fall of Shah.

I am not being a conspirator, but this is nothing to do with freedom, religiosity, or modesty, but a geo-political goal of regime change and domination by an imperialist power.

I am a proud American citizen and thankful, but I will Speak Up! Silent No More! When I do not agree or when it does wrong.

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